DN Reviews: How You Can Help Us – Become A Patreon

DN Reviews has been in existence for almost two years, reaching 196 countries around the world. What kept us motivated and passionate is you, the reader. We love bringing quality news to you because you deserve to get the best out of the world of mobile gaming. Yet, we can do so much more. We want to employ more writers, more researchers, and even fly our staff to mobile gaming events to bring you the news first-hand.

Our challenge lies in the fact that writing about mobile games doesn’t make a living. Outside the mobile gaming world comes a harsh reality. While we have depended on ourselves in paying writers, doing giveaways, and other financially demanding activities; we simply don’t make enough to make DN Reviews the news agency that it can be. With your help, we can grow, hire more staff, triple the amount of content on the website, and do bigger giveaways. Heck! We can even open a studio.

DN Reviews reached 196 countries by the end of 2015

First of all, we want you to know that we appreciate you whether you can or cannot help us. But for those of you who can help us, you can become a patron and support us on Patreon by clicking here. You can help out with at least $1. There are hundreds of thousands of readers on this website and if a significant number helped out, we will be able to expand beyond anyone’s imagination. Do you love the content that we bring on this website? If you believe so then with your support, we can promise you that you will see even more exciting things to be introduced.

We want to thank you for being with us for the last two years and we will continue to do our best for you whether you support us or not. Yet, if we as a community come and put our efforts together, we will achieve the impossible. Thank you for putting the time into reading this article and know that we will always be grateful to you for being on this mobile journey with us.

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