Hearthstone: The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan – Out Now

The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Expansion has finally launched in the Americas and will be available worldwide by tomorrow. Set in the dark alleys of the port city of Gadgetzan where you can be one of three rival families, each family consists of a unique set of cards. What you will also notice is the introduction of custom spells and Tri-Class Cards which are compatible with 3 different classes.

There are 132 new cards now available for you to use and they definitely shake up the strategy of deck building. Blizzard took a unique approach to this expansion based on the Gadgetzan found in World of Warcraft. Known for its back alleys, the expansion brings back alleys that have more back alleys where the three crime families roam. The three families are The Grimy Goons, Jade Lotus, and The Kabal.

The Grimy Goons are gangsters & weapon smugglers that will do anything to fill their pockets. They are smelly and can be detected easily within a crowd. What they don’t have in brain power, they compensate in physical strength. As for the Members of the Jade Lotus family, they excel in the ancient arts of stealth and assassination. They are viewed as creepy and their activities are very questionable. On the other hand, The Kabal are crazy chemists that are addicted to the use and trade of corrupted mana potions.

That’s not all! We mentioned that there are Tri-Class Cards and here’s how it works. Each family has an alliance between three classes, for example, The Grimy Goons are composed of Hunter, Paladin, & Warrior; The Jade Lotus are composed of Rogue, Shaman, & Druid; while The Kabal are composed of Mage, Priest, & Warlock. As we see, each family has 3 Tri-Class Cards and the ability to mix classes will also be possible.

To make the expansion more crime atmospheric, they have developed the experience to take place at night. This is quite an exciting expansion that takes a whole different path in comparison to all the others that preceded it. You can watch the cinematic trailer for the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan below.

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