Minecraft: Pocket Edition – The Ender Update Gets New Trailer

Like you, we are waiting for The Ender Update to come to Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Impatient? Frustrated? We feel you brothers. However, there is good news. Mojang released a new trailer for the update to tease the fans a little bit. There are several features coming in version 1.0 like The End and its memorable inhabitants, such as The Ender Dragon! Many have been waiting for this cosmic moment where you stand against this beast and slay him once and for all.

In this update, the Minecraft world will increase in height to 256 blocks and also you will get the new Elytra (wings) which will allow you to float as a bird to appreciate your buildings. Furthermore, the original Minecraft music will make its way to Pocket Edition with this update. Oh yeah, and expect to see Polar Bears! This update should launch very soon but very likely within a week or two. You can watch the new trailer for The Ender Update below.

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