Dawn of Titans – Out Now

Soft launched since early 2015, Dawn of Titans [Free] has been lurking in the shadows for a very long time. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the game was released worldwide by NaturalMotion. When we initially tried this game, we felt like we were in a Lord of the Rings movie due to the massive amount of soldiers that can appear on the screen. The action strategy title is said to have up to 7000 units fighting in real-time which is unprecedented on mobile. If this is not crazy enough, then what is?

You will be a titan, leading your army to victory – or to death (if destiny chooses a different path for you). You will be immersed in action with real-time lighting and graphically enhanced shadows that are affected by surreal cloud movement. Its fantasy world is designed from the smallest particles, to its colorful trees and vivid waterfalls. In Dawn of Titans, you will be able to forge an alliance, challenge people online, capture enemy land, and rise in the world’s ranking system. You can watch the launch trailer for this game below.

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