PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer – Soft Launched

If you happen to love FIFA games then you will most likely enjoy PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer [Free] that’s now soft launched by Konami in the Australian App Store. The game features natural player movements, precise passing, and in-depth tactics – contributing to a console-like experience on your mobile device. There are also official club partnerships where you can recruit thousands of Football icons such as Messi, Suarez, and Neymar.

Each player in the game is unique and you have to strategically build your team. For example, if you are looking for a player that’s strong in balance then you need Mesut Ozil. As you compete against the best teams in Europe, you get to experience the official cinematics from the UEFA Champions League. Here’s the best thing about it, you get to play PvP in real-time! You can either challenge your friends on Local Match or play against strange in the Online Match mode.

Finally, the game is currently soft launched on both, iOS & Android. We expect to see the global launch of PES 2017: Pro Evolution Soccer next year. Are you interested in it yet? You can watch the official E3 teaser trailer for this title below.

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