Clash of Clans – The Christmas Update Has Arrived

Clash of Clans [Free] has cheered up fans for the past Christmas years and now it will cheer you up again. The Christmas update has now been released and brings along with it new levels to the game. The Barbarian King & Archer Queen can now be upgraded up to Level 45 at Town Hall 11.

The Clan Castle can access Level 7 while the Golem can reach Level 6. As for the Hog Rider, Level 7 has now been added while Level 5 was also made accessible for the Poison Spell.

Some of the changes implemented can affect gameplay significantly. For example, the Poison Spell radius has slightly increased and the the Witch damage & hitpoints have increased as well. As for the Balloons, now they can attack while reaching their target sooner.

In addition, Attack Speed has increased for both, the Dragon & P.E.K.K.A. Finally, there are new events added and three Clashmas gifts available for you! That’s Supercell’s way of saying Merry Christmas. You can learn more about the update from the video below.

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