Island Delta: An Adventure Into A Puzzle World – Out Now

Shortly before the App Store Freeze, Noodlecake & Mantisbite have released a phenomenal adventure puzzle game called Island Delta [$2.99]. In the world of Island Delta, you wield a mighty anti-gravity weapon to destroy the evil Doctor Gunderson & his mechanical minions. The puzzle aspect of it grows more complex as you progress. Your anti-gravity weapon will be the tool with which you will pick up objects and land them in the right place to succeed.

The game consists of 3 chapters with 30 gorgeous levels to explore. It also has a fascinating storyline with unexpected twists and entertaining humor. Island Delta combines the simplicity of a mobile game with the complexity of a well-designed universe, and such a formula is never to be underestimated. You can check the official trailer for this game below.

One thought on “Island Delta: An Adventure Into A Puzzle World – Out Now

  1. Looks like a nice game. Good graphics too. But will this game come out for android?
    Cuz I saw it on Apple app store but nowhere to be found on android.


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