Clash Royale: The Electro Wizard Is Now Available

If you have been waiting for the Electro Wizard to join Clash Royale then you no longer have to wait! This legendary card costs 4 Elixir and seems to be the new card that will be abused by players. When you select the Electro Wizard, he spawns with a zap which stuns nearby enemies and shoots lightning. His entrance is glorious, to say the least.

His stats are very good. If you have him at Level 1, then he comes with 550 HP, 117 DPS, 200 Damage, and speed categorized as Fast. This character can attack both, Air & Ground units. In fact, he can zap any two targets simultaneously. Many are worried that he might be a bit too overpowered due to his multitasking powers. Watch the Electro Wizard in action in the video below and let us know what you think.

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