ShadowBlood: In The Footsteps Of Diablo – Coming Mid January

No game set a higher standard for the Action RPG genre more than Diablo. Now, there is a game that follows in its footsteps with a modern twist to it. The name is ShadowBlood, a dark fantasy ARPG, that will be coming to iOS & Android in the middle of January. In the game, you will battle your way through deep dungeons and face horrifying bosses.

The plot takes place in the continent of Narr, the first to be created by the Gods. This land was guarded by Arcand, a terrifying dragon that punishes those that bring corruption to the land. Time passed and a day came when Arcand performed a ceremony to summon the Gods of Creation but when the portal opened, something else entered. It was Belzav, the God of Evil. Since then, a war began between Arcand and Belzav that has been ongoing for a thousand years.

The only way that Arcand could stop Belzav is by linking their souls so that he could imprison Belzav. And even though Belzav was imprisoned, Arcand began to turn into an evil dragon due to the link he had between him and Belzav. Lo & Behold, the new evil that is now threatening Narr is Arcand and heroes, called the Shadow Blood, have gathered from all around Narr to stop him.

There are three unique classes to choose from: the Archer, the Assassin, and the Berserk. You can either play the Campaign mode with 100 levels of incerasing difficulty or participate in the Bloody Battlefield mode which is a real-time 1v1 PvP. Your hero can be customized and upgraded based on the rewards you earn from playing. As of now, you can pre-register for the game by clicking here so that you can receive exclusive in-game gifts when it launches! Don’t miss out on ShadowBlood’s epic trailer found below.

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