Smite Rivals: A New Take On Clash Royale – Coming Soon

Fans of Clash Royale, we bring to you today news on a similar game that is in the making. Being developed by Hi-Rez Studios, Smite Rivals is a new title based on the popular Smite MOBA that aims to build upon Supercell’s model. The game is described as a collectable card arena where you take a deck of 8 units to battle. One of these units will be a god from a culture of your choice which definitely spices up the gameplay.

Within 3 minutes, you will have to take down one of your opponent’s 3 towers to get to their base. While Clash Royale has 2 lanes, Smite Rivals comes with 3 lanes. So far, it seems extremely complex and will be a gem for competitive players. The cool thing about it is that it will be available for iOS, Android, and PC.

Clearly, it will be a real-time multiplayer game that supports a cross-platform experience. Click here to Pre-register for the game to earn in-game rewards upon launch. Finally, you can watch the official trailer for this game below.

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