ShadowBlood – The Action RPG Comes With A Cooperative Mode

As you might know, we are no strangers to the RPG world. Yet, every now and then we get surprised by unique games that bring about an experience that we cannot forget. ShadowBlood is an Action RPG that got us hooked when we played it. While it is in Beta right now, we have tested an early version of the game and loved it. The moment you start the game you will know that it’s a premium product that has been mastered to the pixel.

It will feature a real-time cooperative mode where you can play with friends online. With its stunning graphics and special effects, we can only imagine how amazing of an experience it would be when you share the action with your friends. The Raid Mode allows you to raid dungeons with 3 friends and fight massive monsters in fast-paced action. The unique thing about the fighting scenes is that the camera angle changes from top down to near third person view.

We are very picky when it comes to mobile games and raise our criteria extremely high to be impressed. However, we haven’t seen an RPG as good as ShadowBlood since the time of Implosion. This is a game that definitely walks in the footsteps of Diablo. We want you to be a part of this epic experience and you can do so by clicking here to pre-register for the game. It should be released within a week from now, so expect it! You can check ShadowBlood‘s trailer below.

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