Shadowgun: Legends – New Images Released

Madfinger’s Shadowgun: Legends is one of the highly anticipated games of 2017. The company has shared new images from the game’s demo and they look absolutely gorgeous. The demo was shown by Nvidia at CES 2017 and from what we know, it seems that this game will end up on our top 15 list by the end of this year.

In Shadowgun: Legends, you get to play with millions of people online in the fight against an invading alien race in an exciting and humorous universe. Not only can you take on countless quests, but you can do it alongside fellow players while raiding different planets together. Visually it is mindblowing. It features custom HDR bloom with advanced character animation based on Mecanim. It also includes GPU simulated large scale particle systems with a new reflections rendering system.

The game will be free-to-play but not pay-to-win. You can customize and personalize your character in a way that does not affect your gameplay which is what every competitive player would want. Shadowgun: Legends should be released within Q1 of 2017, so expect it to be released in January, February, or March. You can watch the announcement trailer for this game below.

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