Clash Royale – The Jungle Arena Arrives

The Jungle Arena has finally arrived to Clash Royale [Free] and it looks brilliant! It can be unlocked at 2600 Trophies and looks more lively than the others arenas. In fact, it becomes more interesting when you reach Overtime as you experience special effects. We do hope that Supercell spends as much effort on future arenas like they did on the Jungle Arena because players are loving it thus far.

Moreover, there are four new cards along with this update. The Dart Goblin is the first card to be released and can be spawned at the cost of 3 Elixir. The Dart Goblin features extreme speed and is deployable within 1 second. Also, there are more opportunities now to grab Epic Cards via Epic Sundays, Epic Chests, and more. You can see the Dart Goblin in action in the video below.

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