Sunless Sea: A Dark Voyage In A Gothic World – Coming This Spring

The team at Failbetter Games have recently announced that their mysterious roguelike title, Sunless Sea, will make its way to the iPad soon. This is the same developer that released Fallen London, another wonderful game that received great reviews. Sunless Sea shares the same gothic universe as Fallen London, however, places you at the mercy of a subterranean ocean called Unterzee where you will zail with your Zubmariner. Do beware the zee-beasts for they are merciless.

Is it just us or have the developers made the letter Z a common theme of their game? The beauty of the game comes with the management of your resources and crew as insanity will creep over them gradually. Since the game is built to be a roguelike experience, it means that if your captain dies you will start all over again. However,  your new captain will have certain traits from the previous captain and the sea map will be randomized so that you don’t get bored of the same locations.

Sunless Sea was first released in February of 2015 for the PC, so this is a high quality game being ported to the iPad. We are really excited to play it and should expect it to be released in the Spring of this year. You can watch the trailer for Sunless Sea below.

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