Super Mario Run – Coming To Google Play In March

If you are an Android user, then you are probably wondering, ”Where on Earth is Super Mario Run?” Fair question to ask considering your friends on iOS are enjoying it. You will be glad to know that Nintendo has announced that the game will be released to Android devices in March. Click here to pre-register for the game so that you get notified when it is available for download.

Super Mario Run will allow you to play with only one hand. As Mario runs automatically, your job will be to jump and avoid enemies and obstacles. It is almost as close of an experience to the original. This game supports My Nintendo and gives you access to your friend list on the platform. There are 3 modes that you will be able to try in the free trial but they will be unlocked if you choose to pay.

The 3 modes in the game consist of Challenging Courses, Competing With Online Scores, and Creating A Mushroom Kingdom With Coin Collection. In addition, a new asynchronous multiplayer mode called Friendly Run has been added recently, so expect it to be available too. You can check the new video for Super Mario Run below.

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