Vainglory: Blitz Mode Update (2.1) – New Mode, New Skins, & More

For the first time this year, Vainglory [Free] receives a major update. Update 2.1 has brought a new map skin, new chest, new game mode, new skins, and gameplay changes. In celebration of the Lunar New Year, the map now features paper lanterns, fireworks, and golden statues. The new Epic Mystery Chest includes a jackpot of 1 Million ICE while guaranteeing at least one hero and one skin.

Wuxia Ozo – Image Sourced From

Furthermore, the new game mode, Blitz, features matches that last for 5 minutes. It is currently in Beta and will undergo changes with future updates. For a team to win, they have to achieve 15 points by achieving objectives (3 points each) or killing enemy heroes (1 point each). Each player in the team will start with 6000 gold and from level 9. Also, there is a new Supporter Badge which honors players who bought ICE in the past 30 days.

Gladiator Lance – Image Sourced From

As for the Skins, there are two new ones that look quite fabulous. The first is Wuxia Ozo which is considered Rare and the second is Gladiator Lance which is categorized as Epic. Finally, now there is more time before jungle camp spawn and Crystal Miner has a set number of lives, longer respawn times, and inflicts more damage. Click here to visit Vainglory‘s website for more details on this update. You can watch the video below for a preview of the latest update.

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