Creature Quest: From The Creator of Might & Magic – Out Now

Creature Quest [Free] has just launched worldwide following many months in soft launch. This game is unique because it was developed by John Van Caneghem, a name that should ring many bells especially to the fans of Might & Magic. He was the legendary designer and creator of the Might & Magic franchise and Heroes of Might & Magic series.

In Creature Quest, you will be able to explore adventurous quests and collect over 500 creatures to upgrade and evolve them, while you can build your own dungeon and challenge your friends online. Caneghem himself says that, “From the very beginning of my career, I wanted to make games that I loved to play,” and adds “That same principle drives everyone here at VC Mobile Entertainment. The entire team has incredible passion for Creature Quest, and we are very excited to finally share the game and all of its upcoming content for many years to come.”

You will find three modes available in the game. Quest Mode will allow you to explore new realms to discover treasure and battle creatures that come your way. In Battle Mode, you can progress through the Battle Tower levels for increasing difficulty and rewards so that you can enhance your creatures abilities. While in Challenge Mode, you can build your own dungeon with your collection of creatures and attack rival dungeons in PvP leaderboards.

Finally, we are excited to see one of the forefathers of RPG and strategy games has come to the mobile platform to invest his hard work and creativity. To see a title made by the mind that brought about Might & Magic is truly remarkable. You will discover that it presents a special world of its own, and you can give it a try if you want to see for yourself. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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