The Frostrune: An Adventure Into Norse Mythology – Coming February 2nd

The Frostrune is a highly anticipated game we have been waiting for and it just got a release date! We expect to see the point-and-click adventure game released worldwide on February 2nd. Developer Grimnir developed this game while being inspired from the mysterious mobile game called Year Walk. A major similarity that you will notice is that both games are built upon North European Mythology and present legends through a mysterious lens.

Set in the glorious age of the Vikings, The Frostrune begins with a terrible storm that shipwrecks you on a strange island. You then discover that there is a nearby village that is abandoned, but it’s enshrouded in a myriad of secrets that can lead you to solve the mystery of the island. The game is full of elements based on Norse culture, religion, mythology, and symbolism.

Finally, we expect the game to be a leading beacon when it comes to Norse mythology because Grimnir is a development studio that was formed in 2013 out of interest and passion for the Viking Age. The Frostrune will be available for both, iOS & Android users. You can watch the pre-release trailer for this game below.

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