realMyst – Now Available On Google Play

If you are familiar with the popular game Myst then surely you heard of realMyst [$6.99]. realMyst has just been released on Google Play after a long time of waiting. This game is an enhanced version of Myst where you can explore anywhere on a mysterious island in real-time with 3D environments. You get to unfold a haunting story of a series of books that unlock an alternate reality. This puzzle game has been for a long time a beloved title on the mobile platform.

Developed by Cyan Worlds, the game features eerie music with dynamic 3D sounds and ergonomic navigation in terms of touch control. This is a classic mobile game that was first released on PC in 2000 and came to the App Store in 2009! Can you believe that this game is that old? However, realMyst in its current state is an updated version with gorgeous graphics and we highly recommend that you try it out. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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