ShadowBlood – Being Prepared Ahead Of The Global Launch

The world of ShadowBlood [Free] is full of mythical monsters and fascinating lore. We experienced it first-hand during the soft launch but we are about to get the full and final version this month! We are aware that many of the players that could not get access to the global launch have found other means to download the game; whether by creating an Apple account in a different country, or in the case of Android users, searching for the APK online.

Once the game is officially out, it is highly recommended that you download or update it through the official stores. This is necessary in order to have a stable online experience. If during the soft launch you noticed server issues, then that’s because the developers are testing and improving the servers in preparation for the global launch. For now, you can test the game out if you have access to it and decide which class will you play with, the Archer, Assassin, or Berserker?

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