The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator – Out Now

We always loved online simulators and one game that excels in this genre is called The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator [Free]. The game has just recently came out and is available for iOS and Android. If you loved the Goat Simulator franchise, then you will feel at home with The Wolf. The impressive thing about this game is that you control a wolf in an open world gorgeous environment as you survive on hunting wild animals.

You get to develop the character of your wolf and improve to become the Alpha of your pack. The game consists of Co-operative mode and PvP, both in real-time experience. Imagine playing with other people online in such a stunning open world game! Worth a try, don’t you think? There are different type of wolves that you can choose from such as the Gray Wolf, Dhole Wolf, and even Black Wolf.

Whether you choose to roam nature calmly and hunt for your prey or engage in a pack war in Battle Arena where your pack fights an enemy pack to the death; this game is an impressive title for all players. If this game seems interesting to you, don’t hesitate to try it out. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on mobile gaming.

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