Morphite – Crescent Moon’s Metroidvania Gets A New Trailer

Crescent Moon Games has released a new trailer to their first person adventure game, Morphite. The game is now available on Steam Greenlight, so it will be available to PC players as well as mobile gamers. This game is based on the Metroidvania subgenre which consists of action & adventure elements that are heavily inspired by classic titles such as the Castlevania & Metroid series.

Being the brainchild of a partnership between We’re Five & Crescent Moon Games, Morphite happens to be a gorgeous 3D exploratory title that is full of action. There are seven unique planets to venture in, each with its own exotic creatures and ferocious bosses. Your exploration will be aided by skills and abilities that will be unlocked as you progress. The feature that really stands out about Morphite is that the planets are designed to be procedurally generated, meaning that each time you visit a planet, you will notice that it’s different from the way it looked in your previous visits.

There is currently no release date announced but the mobile version is expected to become available near the release date of the PC version. If you are not familiar with games developed by Crescent Moon, then we can reassure you that they are easily one of the best mobile gaming developers in the industry. You can watch the latest trailer for Morphite below.

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