ShadowBlood: An Epic RPG Experience – Out Now

If like us, you have been waiting for ShadowBlood [Free] to launch globally, then the wait is over. It is now available on the App Store and Google Play, so go grab it anytime you want. With the final version out, the game has been improved and servers stabilized. ShadowBlood takes a unique approach within the Action RPG genre with its advanced graphics and intense gameplay.

It features a real-time cooperative mode where 3 friends can play together. In addition, there is an engaging storyline that brings the epic world of Narr to life. In Narr, a war breaks out between Arcand, the guardian dragon, and Belzav, the god of evil. Following Arcand’s victory, he becomes lured to evil and you will be only hero in Narr that can stand in his path. Be sure to check the trailer for ShadowBlood below.

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