Clash Royale – The Draft Challenge Returns!

Supercell is bringing back the Draft Challenge (A.K.A. Crown Duel Challenge) to Clash Royale [Free]. This mode will be come available in Friendly Battles from February 16th – 23rd, and in Challenges from Feb 17th – 23rd. If you don’t remember how the Draft Challenge is like, then let us remind you. With each battle that starts, you get to choose between two cards, when you pick one the other is automatically assigned for your opponent.

You end up selecting 4 for yourself while the 4 unselected have been drafted to your opponent. Your opponent select 4 for himself and the 4 unselected will be drafted to you. So you will know 4 of their cards and they will know 4 of yours. It is an interesting and entertaining mode for sure. There are two flavors to this mode, Classic & Grand, each come with one free entry. Learn some tips about the Draft Challenge from the video below.

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