Dice Duel – The Ultimate Yahtzy Experience

What makes Dice Duel [Free] by B-Interaktive GmbH unique is that it combines a social and online experience where gamers can play and chat with fellow online gamers at the same time. Yet, if you happen to be a Yahtzy fan then you have come to the ideal game that will deliver that genuine experience on mobile. When you start, you see your own scorecard on the screen where the results of each round are posted.

In each round, each player will have three dice cups to roll in order to fill one of 13 boxes. Your goal is to get the highest possible sum of dice in order to beat your other competitors. The rules of the game are easy to understand. For example, if you get [6] [6] [6] [3] [1], then that will give you 22 points. If you want a large score then you can achieve this by rolling [5] [5] [5] [5] [5] which gives you 50 points.

Over a million players have experienced Dice Duel and loved it. You can choose to play a Quick Game, enter Dice Duel mode, invite friends, or play with random people online. Get it now and see if you can become a Dice Duel Master and top the leaderboard.

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