Pokemon GO – Where Are The Exclusive Johto Pokemon At?

We have been enjoying the new Johto experience on Pokemon GO, how about yourselves? Planning on catching ’em all, are you? Well, you will struggle with that as well. Similar to the first 151 Pokemon, the new ones have proven difficult to find. So far, we know that Corsola and Heracross are located in exclusive parts of the world. This information comes from The Silph Road Team that’s found at Reddit.

The Tauros Line – Image Sourced From The Silph Road (Reddit)

Heracross has been theorized to be found on what The Silph Road called the ”Tauros Line.” It seems that Heracross can be found between North and South America as well as in certain southern areas of the United States. As for Corsola, it is found in tropical climates between 31N and 26S Latitude as the research estimates. Locations such as the Philippines, Florida, or even the Canary Islands would be a good start to look for Corsola. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Pokemon GO.

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