Albion Online: A Cross-Platform MMORPG Experience – Coming 2017

Albion Online has been announced more than 3 years ago by Sandbox Interactive and has received much attention for its beautiful artwork, cross-platform experience across 5 platforms, and its MMORPG adventure. The open world game will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android; and all players using any of these platforms can play with one another.

Albion Online is all about sieging, conquering, and defending territories through a deep character customization system with classless combat, a fully player-driven economy, and interesting PvP battles. It can be best compared to the 2001 classic MMORPG by the name of Runescape if you are familiar with it.

The dangerous world presented is that of magic and sorcery in a medieval setting. Crafting is a huge part of the game, where you can create your own weapons and defences to protect your territory against other players. Team work is a huge element in the game because with the help of other players you can build cities and establish your own political systems.

Who you choose to be as a character is entirely to you; you can be a mercenary, craftsman, farmer, trader, fighter, or anything you wish. If you are killed in the game you lose all your equipments and this is what will keep you fully conscious and thrilled. The main factions are composed of: Disciples of Morgana, The Heretics, Keepers of Albion, The Undead, and Demons of Hell.

The game has received a release date for PC and it is going to be released on July 17th, 2017. This means that the mobile version is likely to be released shortly after, within the year 2017 if everything goes smoothly. Albion Online will become very popular due to its unique game mechanics and massive online world, so stay tuned with our website for more information on this game. You can check an introductory video about Albion Online below.

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