Clash Royale – Meet The Goblin Gang

Beware the Goblin Gang, the new card that has just been released to Clash Royale [Free]. We found them to be quite useful, especially when upgraded. The Goblin Gang consists of six Goblins, 3 with knives and 3 with spears. This card costs 3 Elixir which is very cheap if you consider the single price of Spear Goblins and Goblins, which in total adds up to 5 Elixir.

Their Deployment time takes only 1 second and they are definitely worth the Elixir cost. If you previously had the Spear Goblins or Goblins in your deck, then now is the best time to exchange them with the Goblin Gang. They are best combined with an Ice Spirit which can take down a tower with the right timing. You can watch a video about this new card below.

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