Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed – Soft Launched In Canada

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed [Free] has been soft launched on the Canadian App Store. The Dynasty Warriors franchise first started on Play Station and published in 1997 by Koei. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed which has been designed for mobile and is based on Dynasty Warriors 8. It features console quality graphics with breathtaking gameplay mechanics. You can choose from a collection of unique characters, each comes with diverse fighting abilities.

The hack n’ slash game is fast-paced and the action is addictive. There are modes such as Skirmish, Boss Fights, War Supply, Raids, and Conquest. Of course, it allows you play online along with other players to experience the action in real-time. You will also be met with gorgeous cinematic cut scenes that delve you into an emotional story. You can watch the teaser trailer for Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed below.

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