Mobile Gaming: A Glimpse Into The Future

When we look at mobile gaming today, we only can think of tomorrow. How could a person imagine that one day our mobile devices would be capable of the technology they possess now? In the early 2000’s, no one could have imagined to see games such as Infinity Blade, Modern Combat, or Clash Royale to be a possibility on a mobile device. Yet, here we are and the possibility has become a reality.

Even the ability to have social games that connect people from around the world seemed improbable then. Now, games like Dice Duel connect millions of players to experience an online social experience where players can chat and game together.

Mobile devices have become the centre of our lives. Some use them for ordering their daily food, to connect with family and friends, and others search for online betting. There is no shortage to what these devices can do these days and one can only wonder, what is possible tomorrow?

Perhaps, mobile devices in the future can be a tool for teleportation, or include virtual reality features. This may sound crazy but so did the current technology when people thought of the possibility at first. Just try explaining how the Internet stores unlimited data to your grandparents, you will surely struggle.

You, the new generation, are the children of the future. You have the power and the vision to imagine a future for mobile devices and mobile gaming. How will gaming look like in 20 years from now? Maybe our devices would be able to display characters in 3D outside the screen or allow us to control our characters by the power of thought.

Whether it sounds possible or not, imagination is the power that breaks barriers. Sometimes we should aim for the stars to reach the skies. We have no doubt that gaming will be growing in popularity on mobile devices more and less on consoles. Technology is making this dramatic change possible and the mobile industry is attracting big corporations as we speak. Embrace the future of mobile gaming and mobile everything.

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