Rome: Total War – The New Expansion Arrives On March 28th

The new Rome: Total War Expansion is coming to the iPad on March 28th and we are very excited for it. This Expansion will be called Barbarian Invasion and will launch at the price of $4.99 as a standalone app to build upon the original game with more strategy and action. So what can we expect? The expansion pack was released in 2005 for the PC and takes you to the time during which Rome begins to decline in the west as an imperial power.

Unlike the first game, you are not managing a rising empire but trying to keep alive a diminishing one. There are tough decisions that you will have to make and Feral Interactive will ensure that you will struggle in making them. This expansion pack may not be the last of the series and we believe more titles will surely follow. You can watch the gameplay trailer for the new expansion below.

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