Fire Emblem Heroes – New Features To Arrive In April

New features are to be introduced to Fire Emblem Heroes [Free] in April of this year. So far, Nintendo has given us new characters and stories which we absolutely loved. So what can we expect? Based on players feedback, Nintendo will add the ability for characters to inherit skills during a merge between ally units. In addition, we can expect Hero Merit to be earned from battles and in return earn players Hero Feathers.

Furthermore, there will be a Defense and Enemy Reinforcements features that will be integrated. With Defense, it will require you to defend against enemy troops for a specific number of turns in order to win a battle. As for Enemy Reinforcements, you will notice new enemy troops appearing on the map that will push you to improvise with a new strategy.

Moreover, Nintendo will fix the matchmaking system in multiplayer mode. With the new fix, the system will take base stats, levels, merge bonuses, star rankings and other criteria to set up fair matches. Also, more points are earned if your match is more difficult than it is supposed to be. Of course, new heroes with new missions will also come to the game, so stay excited for that! You can watch the New Heroes trailer for the game below.

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