Titanfall – The Popular Franchise Will Still Come To Mobile

We announced previously that Titanfall games will be coming to mobile which excited the entire community. Unfortunately, back in January Titanfall: Frontline was cancelled before even launching! It wasn’t clear at the time if Respawn was still willing to release the famous franchise to mobile devices but now we know more. They have released an official statement on the Titanfall website addressing this very issue.

The statement says, ”We’ve also teamed up to develop awesome mobile titles set in the world of Titanfall. They’ve got some exciting stuff in the works that we’ll be talking about in the near future.” It is hard to predict the type of games the Titanfall mobile versions will be. It is unlikely that they will go with the CCG genre again since that’s what Titanfall: Frontline was and failed to live to expectations. You can watch the trailer for Titanfall 2 below.

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