Clash Royale – 2vs2 Mode To Arrive On March 24th

We cannot wait for the 2vs2 mode anymore, we wan’t it right now! Clash Royale should be getting the much anticipated Clan Battle mode 15 hours from now. The event will last from March 24th – 27th. We believe this is a testing phase and it will be brought back to remain for good in the near future. When the event begins, the Clan Battle button will appear at the top of your Clan page.

You can tap the Clan Battle button when you are ready to play or you can join a clanmate who’s already waiting someone to join. Then you will be matched against 2 players from another clan. There are some modifications to the mode where you cannot share an Elixir Collector but Rage will empower all troops. In order to fit all these troops in the Arena, Supercell has increased the Arena size by 4 tiles. Watch the video below for some tips on the 2vs2 mode.

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