Gangstar: New Orleans – Out Now

Go, Go, Go! Gangstar: New Orleans [Free] is finally out worldwide. You can now grab it for iOS and Android after such a long time waiting for its global launch. The game is an open-world experience based in the iconic city of New Orleans. It builds upon the experience of the Gangstar series but with much more features that renders it into a console-like experience.

New Orleans is a major United States port and has been influenced by European culture throughout the years. So expect to see memorable places in the game such as the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in the city. Don’t forget to explore the mysterious bayou, there are a few surprises waiting for you there.

You will have access to hundreds of vehicles, weaponry, & possibilities beyond your imagination. Not only will you face criminal gangs on the streets, but also spooky Voodoo priests. This instalment is definitely a more interesting take on the Gangstar franchise. We fell in love with its graphics & the freedom to do whatever you want. You can even engage in turf wars & raid others, can it get any better than that really?

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