Modern Combat Versus – Everything You Need To Know

Gameloft has been leaking images and trailers lately and gamers who have been waiting for Modern Combat Versus may not have to wait any longer since the game is close to being soft launched. Unlike the previous titles, this one will focus more on multiplayer rather than on a campaign story. Once the game soft launches, you will have 12 agents to choose from that are based on 4 classes.

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The four classes will consist of the Attacker, Defender, Assassin, and Specialist. The Attacker utilizes an ability with wide range of utility that deals consistent weapon damage. The Defender supports the team with damage mitigation, high health power, and strong defense. The Assassin can cause high damage power but are vulnerable due to low health. The Specialist’s expertise lies in the disruption of battles with unique abilities and situational weaponry.

These Agents can be customized in terms of weaponry, skins, kill signs, and upgradability. Agents will need Core Charges to activate their abilities which can be aquired through gameplay experience. 10 Core Charges can be utilized at the same time and each ability can require a different number of Core Charges than the other.

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During the soft launch, there will be 4vs4 Zone Control mode available where each team fights to control the zones on the map. Furthermore, 5 maps will be available in the soft launch version. The maps are called Apex, Sandstorm, Port, Blackrock, and Slums. Here is an interesting fact for those of you who have played Modern Combat 4: The Map Slums is based on the MC4 Map Dogdays so it should be quite a nostalgic place to battle in.

Like previous games, Modern Combat Versus has the left side of the screen for character movement & sprinting by holding towards a direction while the right side is dedicated for looking around & aiming by double tapping. The game also allows you to wall-run which seems very interesting and that can be activated in each map which has 2 wall-running points. All you need to do to wall-run in these areas is to sprint towards them. Lastly, all Agents’ abilities can be activated by a button in lower middle of the screen.

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Players are mostly concerned with pay-to-win elements that ruined Modern Combat 5 before. Yet, Gameloft promises that there will be no pay-to-win elements nor an energy system despite the game being Free-to-play. Whether that is true, we will have to wait and see. You can watch the recently released Orientation Trailer for this game below.

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