Modern Combat Versus – Changes Are Coming With New Patch

Modern Combat Versus [Free] has been soft launched for a while in The Philippines and by far, it received some positive and negative feedback. Gameloft has addressed several issues by announcing a new patch to go into effect while the game is still in soft launch. They have also added that the game will be available in more countries soon. You can check the Patch Notes for Version 0.1.2 below.


Agent Level Scaling
Agent Health and Damage increase by 10% for each level now, instead of by 6%.
Headshot Damage
Headshot Damage increased across all Agents.
Core Charges Rates
Core Charge rate was slowed to 5.5 seconds/charge, instead of 5 seconds/charge.
Respawn Time
Respawn time decreased by 38%.
Increased the vertical boundaries when looking up or down by 33%. Default aim sensitivity increased by 10%.
Damage output increased by 21%. Range increased by 25%. Hipfire accuracy increased when sustained shooting.
Ability cost increased from 4 to 5. Ability duration decreased from 12 to 10 seconds. Knife stab hit detection increased.
Reload speed increased by 50%.
Ability cost increased from 4 to 5. Lock-on time increased by 26%. Lock-on detection zone decreased by 28%.
Damage increased by 11%. Range increased by 11%. Touchdown damage decreased by 11%.
Ability cost increased from 7 to 8. Health decreased by 33%. Ammo decreased by 50%. Movement speed while shooting decreased by 14%. No longer hurts himself with his Mutant Grenade.
Deflect damage increased by 50%. Melee hit detection range increased from 3 to 5 meters.
Damage increased by 6%. Range increased by 25%.
Ammo decreased by 6%. Ability cost increased from 4 to 5. Movement speed while shooting decreased by 14%.
Damage increased by 6%. Range increased by 25%. Weapon accuracy increased.
Damage increased by 23%. Range increased by 40%. Ability cost decreased from 6 to 5.
Improvements added to game stability, tackling different crashes and loading issues. Tutorial hints won’t be displayed again after you close them the first time. You can now properly exit Training mode without closing the game or crashing. If you leave a match before it finishes you’ll receive a Trophy loss. Other minor issues have been fixed.

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