Lightseekers – The Action RPG Is Out Now In US, UK, & Canada

Back in 2016, PlayFusion marvelled us with their game-in-progress, Lightseekers [Free]. It was a true masterpiece where action and adventure meet in harmony. While the game does combine toys that can be seamlessly incorporated into the digital world where cards and characters can be utilized in your adventure, they are not required to play the game itself. Lightseekers is currently available in the US, UK, and Canada. We expect to see it globally launch this year.

The developers promise an epic & ever-changing story that will be constantly updated to include new adventures, locations, and characters. The magical and mysterious world of Tantos is now being threatened and thus a hero must rise to the occasion. That’s where the Lightseekers come in! They alone can defeat the evil umbron that conspire to take over Tantos.

The augmented reality feature is quite interesting since the game’s cards can interact with the game’s world. There are hundreds of cards available with many more to be added. Lightseekers features 7-inch action figures that are manufactured by TOMY. You can customize the figures with different toys and the game can recognize them via your device and incorporate them inside the digital world of Tantos. They talk, light up, and vibrate as you play.

Finally, the game is free-to-play with no in-app purchases. While the action figures have to be purchased, they are not necessary to play the game. We highly recommend Lightseekers if you are into new experiences and gorgeous virtual worlds. You can learn more about this title from the video below.

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