Battle Bay: A Mobile War Emerges At Sea – Out Now

Rovio Entertainemnt has just globally launched Battle Bay [Free], a game that everyone has been waiting to play! Battle Bay is a PVP real-time online multiplayer game that comes close to the MOBA-like experience. However, it takes a unique approach by introducing the battlefield in a ravaging sea where ships are the means of war.

In control of a ship equipped with cannons, you join a 5-on-5 online battles that are packed with intense action. With only one life given to you, the battles get really challenging but extremely fun. Of course, the team that survives till the end wins, regardless whether you, as a player, get eliminated. It’s all about team work. In addition, Rovio spiced up the game with upgrades and powerups to make battles interesting.

Customization is very well implemented into Battle Bay. There are different classes of ships to choose from and each provides a unique set of skills. To mention a few, there is the Enforcer which is a mighty ship suited for challenging offenses; the Defender is built with an almost indestructible armor that can survive major hits from opponents; the Shooter is built to equip as much weapons as possible; while the Speeder is a very fast ship which takes advantage of its agility to counter the enemy; and finally, the Fixer is designed to keep your fellow allies afloat.

Finally, Battle Bay will keep you excited with its guild system where you can team up with friends in a guild and engage in chatting with them. With a competitive leaderboard, you will be a major player in deciding whether your guild will rise to the top. Will you be able to take war to the sea and come out victorious? You can check the official trailer for Battle Bay below.

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