Titanfall: Assault – Soft Launched In The Philippines

Here we go again gamers, getting hyped up around a new Titanfall game for mobile. Titanfall: Assault [Free] has soft launched in The Philippines recently and we are hoping it doesn’t end up like Titanfall: Frontline. Luckily, this new game has a lot more potential and we believe it will stand its ground. Titanfall: Assault is a real-time strategy game that allows you to to assemble a deck of Pilots and Titans as you strategize for action-packed PvP battles.

It is like having a Clash Royale experience with much more flexibility and a bigger field to unleash your action in. The reviews so far are pretty positive and players are liking the graphics along with the gameplay system. The game will be improved as it comes closer to its final version and we will keep you updated regarding its status. You can check a brief trailer about the game below.

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