Injustice 2 – Out Now

Finally, Injustice 2 [Free] has been released worldwide. The first game was very popular among mobile gamers for the last 4 years but we are excited to see a new one come along. Back in June of 2016, Injustice 2 was announced and we hoped for it to come to mobile and it did! This sequel has been improved in terms of fighting mechanics and gameplay now that they added more fighting moves with new gestures.

Injustice 2 introduces new characters while adding new modes that will get you excited. You will enjoy the action in single player or the competitiveness in asynchronous PvP mode. With its its new fighting system, you can jump, duck, shoot projectiles, and unleash powers unseen before. And of course, the visuals look stunning and will keep you addicted to the universe of Injustice 2. You can watch a short trailer for this game below.

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