Combat Squad: A New FPS By The Makers Of Counter-Strike Online

We are certainly not short on first person shooters but each new game that comes out seems to introduce a feature that we all have been waiting for. The makers of Counter-Strike Online have just soft launched their new FPS, Combat Squad [Free], in Singapore. After playing this game for hours, we found it to be quite entertaining yet requires a lot of improvements, especially with controls and gameplay. You definitely need some time to adjust to the nature of its experience.

However, the interesting side of this game is their game mode Zombie Match which allows up to 10 players to be separated into zombies or humans and combat to infect or survive. Zombies will be attacking players with their claws in order to infect them while humans will have to survive the round without falling to infection. It’s not every day that we see such modes available in mobile first person shooters but Combat Squad has finally done it.

There are 7 game modes from 5vs5 to 1vs1 so you will find a lot of variety that meet your liking. Furthermore, this game is focused on squad management, so you don’t only get to control one character but to lead an entire squad. Since it is in soft launch, Combat Squad seems like it has a lot of potential so don’t judge it negatively for any reason but wait until its global launch. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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