Critical Ops – The Shift From PC To Mobile

In yesterday’s Critical Ops Community Livestream, Critical Force announced that their unique first person shooter will no longer support PC by the end of this year’s summer. While naturally this wouldn’t have satisifed PC players, we believe it to be the best move for the company and the community. There is no doubt that Critical Ops [Free] is the leading competitive shooter on mobile by far and for this reason the focus on mobile has grown even more significantly.

During its early phase, it was understandable that the game was on mobile and PC in order for the company to better understand how to bring a PC experience onto a mobile device. However, now the game stands proud as an eSports title that has gone above and beyond what any other first person shooter achieved on mobile. We are more than happy with this news as we believe that the future of gaming lies in mobile devices.

With Critical Force shifting its focus from PC onto mobile, we can expect to see more updates, improvements, and features that will define the mobile shooter experience on another level. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Critical Ops.

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