Deadheads – Out Now Worldwide

Are you one of those who have been waiting for Deadheads [Free] to launch globally? Prepare yourself, get your device, and go download it now! Yes, it is finally out. Deadheads is a multiplayer shooter that comes with 4 multiplayer game modes and a campaign. You can build your own clan and play online in real-time with up to 8 players.

The online modes include Team Deathmatch, Elimination, Mayhem, and even Infected! The game allows you to create a party match to play with your friends, so that should make it all the more enjoyable. Deadheads is being categorized by CMUNE as a first person shooter and a third person shooter which means that the player can change the view in the game.

Furthermore, while there are several leagues through which you can progress on, you will find that the clan system is extremely entertaining since its competitive and interactive. We highly recommend that you check it out, the graphics on this one will blow your mind! You can watch the official trailer for Deadheads below.

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