Mobile Games – Is There A Secret Formula To Success?

Mobile Games come in different shapes and forms. Many are integrated into the mobile culture such as Clash of Clans. Others pave the way to the FPS eSports experience like Critical Ops. In such a young and vibrant industry, it is simply hard to predict how many mobile games will perform well but it does come down to the game’s uniqueness and the community’s willingness to try something that sounds new and interesting.

In 2016, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the top seller in the US, this shows that a long-time series like Call of Duty yet remains influential among gamers. However with no Call of Duty slated for 2017, the top selling game spot is up for grabs as mentioned here. On the mobile side, Modern Combat has been the mobile gaming series that was most compared to COD.

While many FPS games were released and positively received on mobile, Gameloft has built a reputation and a legacy with Modern Combat to the extent that a vast majority of mobile gamers will play every new instalment of the series.

If developers are searching for the secret formula, all they need are two important things. First, they need to develop a game that is unique, fun, and that keeps players coming back for more. Second, once you are confident that you have built a potentially successful product, use as much marketing power available in order to reach as much audience possible.

All it takes is having one successful mobile game, and you can build your brand based on it. This way, you can ensure that any new instalment you release for your successful game will find an excited and loyal audience. Great examples would be Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment and The Room by Fireproof Games. Their first title was novel and the game mechanics pioneered the puzzle and mystery genre for years to come. Every new instalment that Fireproof Games released for The Room has become extremely successful.

Finally, all it takes is a lot of thought and hard work to be poured into one mobile game. From there, developers will be able to build a loyal community that will keep their work alive and will support them with their new series or games.

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