Clash Royale – Welcome The Night Witch

New characters in Clash Royale [Free] always make the game much more interesting. This week was all about the Night Witch Event and we witnessed her merciless powers. As of now, the Night Witch is available in the game and ready to be used! To unlock this vicious legendary character, you need to be in Arena 8 (Frozen Peak). You can deploy the Night Witch at the cost of 4 Elixir.

Unlike the normal Witch, the Night Witch deploys Bats rather than Skeletons and they are very effective. Every 5 seconds, she deploys 2 Bats. When taken out, 4 Bats are summoned by her. Her weakness is that she cannot attack air troops but her Bats can. Therefore, the best defense against her are air troops. You can learn more about the Night Witch from the video below.

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