Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Update 1.3 Has Been Released

If you are a long-time Power Rangers fan, then fasten your seat belt because we are about to reignite some memories. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars [Free] has received update 1.3 which a lot of content. The White Ranger, Tommy Oliver, is now available for you to play with. And you know what? Jason David Frank, the actor who played as Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers, aided in the design of the White Ranger’s moves in the game! How crazy is that?!

A new Mission System was added where you notice an improved combat system, incorporating Alliance Friendly Matches and My Battle Replays. Also, League 8 has been added with Juice Bar (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) along with new Warriors from MMPR. Finally, they have improved combat, affecting Strikers vs Breakers, Recovery Time, and Assist Hit Reactions. You can watch the trailer for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars below.

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