The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Heroes of Skyrim Expansion Arrives

If there is any game that all gamers must try, it is The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Since this game is not available on mobile due to its massive size, Bethesda has brought a Skyrim update to the mobile game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free]. Heroes of Skyrim adds 154 new cards with memorable locations and characters from the world of Skyrim. You get to even see Dragons such as Paarthurnax and Alduin!

There are more than 12 new Daily Quests which you might recognize. Some of these quests involve the mysterious Companions and much more. You can choose to side with the Stormclaocks or follow the Imperials, transform into a Werewolf with the Companions or learn new Shouts. The new expansion leaves no corner missing from the classic Skyrim experience. You can watch the trailer for this expansion below.

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