Castle Builder II – The Next Generation of Mobile Slot Machines

Casino games – whether in the real world or online – have been trending lately. People required to physically go to casinos in the past but with the advancement of technology and the rise of smartphones, casinos have become easily accessible to large masses of people on a global scale. Following a booming period, during a time when people were playing the games at the Red Flush Casino out of excitement due to its novelty, the industry has slowly settled down.

It has continued to grow in two directions – on one hand, the real money venues like the Red Flush kept providing their players with an ever-increasing variety of games and offers, on the other, social game publishers have released their own take on the genre. Social casinos have proven to be very popular in time – even today, social casinos like Slotomania, DoubleDown, and Heart of Vegas are on the top 20 list of apps compiled by Think Gaming based on daily revenue.

Beating Boredom

The only problem with these games is that they become repetitive and boring quite quickly. If at land-based casinos, the environment makes people stick to one game or another for longer, the same is not true when playing from home or on a smartphone. Social casinos add to the excitement of the game through experience points and unlocking further levels, yet the same is not true for the games at or at least it wasn’t until now. But an Austrian game developer named Rabcat has finally created a mobile slot machine that will break down the barrier between social slots and real money casino games.

Building A Castle

Castle Builder II, set to be added to the Red Flush game library in the coming weeks, is one-of-a-kind, it fuses social games and real money slots like no other game before it. If an average slot machine sees its players spin its reels and wait for the cash to flow toward them, in Castle Builder II the focus shifts from gathering coins to – you guessed it – building castles. Players will join Sam or Mandy, the two initially available builders, in their quest to successfully build all the 75 castles across all the 15 kingdoms in the game. During this time, they will gather experience points, unlock achievements, and ultimately gain access to a third, mysterious builder profile, seemingly out of a heroic fantasy story.

Of course the players need to be of legal age to play Castle Builder II considering it has gambling features incorporated within it. In addition, the game is captivating, capable of gluing its players to the screen for hours at a time. It lacks the repetitive nature of average slots by shifting focus to a task that needs to be completed rather than mindlessly gathering credits, which makes it a great way to kill some time. The game is built in HTML5, making it accessible for desktop players and smartphone users as well, no matter what software platform they might use. Expect it to be released sometime in the second half of 2017.

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