Snake Towers – The Best Snake Experience Yet

Being supportive fans of the mobile gaming industry, we have always appreciated mobile games, even back when Snake was the game to play on mobile devices. Since then, we haven’t seen such a magnificent Snake experience as the one our partner, Set Snail, has introduced with their Snake Towers [Free] mobile game. With Snake Towers you need to collect gold coins to get the highest score possible but there are many challenges ahead of you to overcome.

You get to enter different rooms in the game, each room with its own special features or curse. Some rooms are cursed with earthquakes and keep shaking the ground as you roam through the room; others are full of water and you get the experience as if you are underwater; and there is even a room with thunderstorms which makes it difficult yet very interesting as you play. For us, we found the room that reverses your controls to be the hardest to escape from because when you tap right, you go left!

There are more than 100 rooms which you can play in and more are added with updates. In terms of gameplay, you have three types of controls that you can use to play: Swipe, Virtual Keyboard, and D-pad. In conclusion, Snake Towers is the ultimate mobile game which you can play wherever you go and never get bored of due to the amount of content it has to keep you interested. This game is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play. You can check the trailer for Snake Towers below.

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